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Une Nuit à l’Elysée

October 7th, 2012  |  Published in Interaction Design

Une nuit à l'Elysée

Une Nuit à l’Élysée presented a public collective interaction experience and interactive VJing for a special event: 3 of the most popular party organizers joined their forces to plan a special event party for the Nuit Blanche 2006 at the mythic parisian venue Elysée Montmartre. We were asked to propose a strong visual concept to entertain the crowd, that would incorporate classic VJing but also an artistic interactive experience. We surrounded the dancefloor with a panoramic screen on stage, 2 lateral screens on each side, and 4 celing projections. With the software Isadora, we manipulated live visuals from, videos shot on the amazing 360 degrees-view rooftop of the agency Euro/RSCG and TV shows. But the main public experience was an interactive piece where the 3000-people crowd could send SMS with their phones that would be quickly projected uncensored and animated with graphic effects on the screens. People could communicate with each other over the dancefloor in a playful and engaging way.

Credits & Infos
Client: Party Organizers Eyes Need Sugar, Open House, Guys and Dolls
Visual set design and interaction design: Joëlle Bitton and Raphaël Meyer
System: A panoramic display on stage and a set of symmetrical ceiling and screen projections surrounding the dancefloor.
Photo credits: Aurélia Vartanian
Year: 2006

Une nuit à l'Elysée

Une nuit à l'Elysée

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