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In French, a “travelling” describes a cinema technique that is translated in English as a “trackshot”. In English, “travelling” refers to the act of travel that is translated in French as “voyageant/en voyage”. Mixing the two meanings, this interactive piece offers as a cinema travelling, a voyage between the architectures of Berlin and Tel-Aviv.
The two cities have an architectural heritage that is permanently re-actualized. Tel-Aviv who is the very modern and vibrant economic capital of Israel holds more than 1,000 houses that were built in the twenties after the Bauhaus principles in a utopic movement. Berlin is the new ground for architects to express themselves with a strong experimental pattern.
In this piece, the users starts travelling from left to right, moving the mouse cursor across the screen and can go back and forth, in strips within a panoramic format. If the user lets the cursor still on a strip for few seconds, a sudden opening gives a greater view of a picture, but it remains ephemeral.
In a similar approach of coupling the cities, the user will hear two songs, representing two moments of the journey, contemplating the urban visuals.

Credits & Infos
Authors: Joëlle Bitton with a code designed by Alexis Nema
Year: 2004
Songs: Neulich by Laub and Porque te vas by Jeanette
System: Shockwave app
Commission: ICHIM 2004
Exhibitions: Performed at HKW, Berlin, for ICHIM festival, August 2004 and with David Krutten (music remix), at galerie Agnès b., Paris, for festival Tracks – Les Mondes Hors Pistes, Sept. 2007

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Open interactive online version in (Shockwave plug-in needed)

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