Superficiel Measures

The Jewish Community

February 7th, 2012  |  Published in Interaction Design

Museum Judenplatz

An interactive installation installed in a museum tells the history of the Jewish community of Vienna in the Middle-Ages. The content is gradually displayed on a grid, in four parts. As the user goes in-depth, the interface splits itself and uncovers the structure of the information, without “changing” pages.

Credits & Infos
Client: Museum Judenplatz (Vienna)
Agency: Nofrontiere (Vienna)
Interaction design and user-experience: Joëlle Bitton and Ulf Harr
Art direction: Ulf Harr
Languages: German and English
System: Projection on horizontal surface and interaction with the infrared SIVIT system (developed by Siemens)
Year: 2000

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