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Plakatieren Verboten

May 17th, 2012  |  Published in Art


An image that will never be completed, and yet that will form a musical composition, never the same one. “Plakatieren Verboten” or it is forbidden to post on walls. But the subversion comes from the music. This sound interaction site was commissioned by the KunstRadio/ORF in Vienna and conceived with the composer Rupert Huber (BerlinerTheorie and Tosca) around the exhibition REPLAY at the Generali Foundation (summer 2000, Vienna). The site was used as well in the context of a live radio broadcasted performance of Rupert Huber in a program of the Kunstradio (ORF).

Credits & Infos
Authors: Joëlle Bitton, Rupert Huber, Raphaël Meyer, Anna Clementi (voice)
Year: 2001
System: Shockwave app
Commission: Kunstradio/ORF
Exhibitions: broadcasted in the Kunstradio show, Vienna, Jan 2001

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