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Highland Exposure

April 8th, 2012  |  Published in Curation, Interaction Design

Highland Exposure exhibition

A Highland Digital Photo Competition and Exhibition:
The exhibition interface aims to display all the 800 pictures entered in the competition while at the same time offering the visitor to distinguish a single picture from the mass and interacting with its photographer. Each picture was attributed a bar code, and the visitor could scan it – it would then be projected onto a big screen, along with some info (author’s name, title, etc). As well, with a telephone, the visitor could leave an audio message or comment. This interaction system had the effect to involve the visitor more strongly with the content of the exhibition and with the author of the picture.

Credits & Infos
Client: Distance Lab
Exhibition curation and interface design: Joëlle Bitton
Collaborations: Matthew Karau and Stefan Agamanolis
System: A display mixing traditional printing techniques (presenting the 800 pictures entered in the competition) and an innovative digital interface (retrieving and projecting singularly each picture).
Year: 2007

Highland Exposure exhibition

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