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Immigration: a chance

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Immigration should have a positive connotation. Yet, it’s used in the worst possible rhetoric. I’ve always seen immigration as a mitzva opportunity for the welcoming country. This is why I started this petition. I hope it contributes somehow to get political leaders to embrace immigration rather than using it as a perpetual scapegoat. Please sign […]


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I created a survey on fabrication, interactivity and your love of machines! Please contribute to my research by filling out the survey. It takes 12 minutes on average and you can enter a draw to win a prize! The survey will be accessible for another 10 days. Thank you!

Self Fabrication: a course

August 13th, 2015  |  by  |  published in Blog, Workshops | Leave A Comment »

Saurahb Mhatre's Art of Motion

Last January, I co-organised with Kevin Hinz a J-term course called “Quantified Self & Fabrication” in order to assess ways we can use human-centered data as parameters for fabrication. The students who participated gave us great feedback and thoroughly enjoyed the class! For a complete review of the course and the lessons learned, see the […]

A new look

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A new website, a new look, everything changed and it’s still a work in progress. If you have any comments or feedback, please let me know…


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Rabota is a CNC machine on wheels that is uniquely controlled by sleep data. It is an erosion and subtractive machine that transforms sleep data into a physical alteration of a bedroom floor. It’s meant as an interactive fabrication experience, where the CNC-machine responds to fluctuant human personal data instead of a pre-determined geometry. The […]


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