Superficiel Measures


November 17th, 2012  |  Published in Art

An audiovisual piece allows the user to explore an indefinite passage in Budapest between Dób and Kiraly streets. The passage starts somewhere on a grid and ends somewhere else. As the grid fills itself, the user discovers the multiple entries and ends of the same passage. The user is trapped somehow while a strange sound loops to underline the feeling of constantly going back and forth between two streets. This piece Avance/Retour/Rapides is often shown with its symmetrical abstract twin, Miss tek.

Credits & Infos
Authors: Joëlle Bitton, Emmanuel Mehois
Year: 2002
Music: Kinki
System: Shockwave app
Series: Passages process (n.5)
Exhibitions: performed at Batofar, Paris, for the event ‘ presents Raw Screens’, June 2004; at HKW, Berlin, for ICHIM festival, August 2004; at Crawdaddy, Dublin, for DEAF, Oct. 2004

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Open interactive artwork in (Shockwave plug-in needed)

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