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Rabota is a CNC machine on wheels that is uniquely controlled by sleep data. It is an erosion and subtractive machine that transforms sleep data into a physical alteration of a bedroom floor. It’s meant as an interactive fabrication experience, where the CNC-machine responds to fluctuant human personal data instead of a pre-determined geometry. The […]

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Living in the material world

‘Living in the material world’ is the current working title of my thesis that I’m conducting in the Doctor of Design program of Harvard Graduate School of Design. A new technological revolution that has the potential to impact our everyday lives is currently happening: we can conceive, design, make and build things in a way […]

Talk at ENSAD

Talk on the topic of objects with behavior, in a seminar of the research group DIIP at EnsadLab, 17th of January 2013.

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Ghisò is a brand based around the idea of Slow Luxury, showcasing a world of artisans, craft and time. The website presented products in a very elegant and minimal way in order to put the attention of the visitor on the product itself and to give a sense of its materiality. A blog and a […]

Fabulous Fabrication!

During the Design Event Festival in 2011, Culture Lab OnSite organised a workshop for designers and artists interested in Digital Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping. For one week, 15 people worked in Culture Lab’s fab lab equipped with an industry grade laser cutter and a Makerbot 3D printer that we custom built the week before. After […]

RAW app

Based on the RAW project, we developed an iPhone app, where sound is recorded when still pictures are taken. In the case of RAW, more specifically, the system records sound continually but only commits to memory the one minute of audio before – and after – the moment at which the photography is taken. Based […]

Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse, one of the most iconic French chefs, has built a business of more than 20 restaurants around the world, three luxurious inns, a cooking school, a publishing house for cookbooks, a collection of table accessories, etc. The website presenting his services needed to bring them into a beautiful case while emphasing the business […]

I Want You (But I Can’t)

Hundreds of movies, of representations and of staged stories absorbed during the pre-adolescence and the adolescence have shaped the form of my ideal man, have slowly built and conditioned my desire and my libido. These images have imprisoned me in a love relationship forever fantasized and unresolved. We called them “impostors” those who in the […]

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Mémoires du travail

In this workshop, I collaborated on an audio-photography project with the non-French speaking classroom of the junior high-school Politzer of Montreuil (the classroom is teaching French to teenagers who are in France for the first time and speak little French or no French at all). The classroom teenagers retraced the steps of four elder women […]

École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse

The cooking school of Alain Ducasse for the general public launched in 2009. The website that opened at the same time needed to make the website’s visitors dream while giving them all the information necessary for booking a class. This mix of pragmatic and reverie is the quintessence of translating the luxury experience online. Credits […]

La Bastide de Moustiers

La Bastide de Moustiers is one of Alain Ducasse’s three inns. It’s located in Provence, south of France. More than a hotel or an inn, Alain Ducasse’s intention was to create a sense of home, a place “to live” and to feel. The website reflects on that stance, with warm and discrete colours, drawings, lots […]

Harry Winston

The luxury world of jeweler Harry Winston online: how to translate the ultimate luxury experience in a website. The brand was making its transition for online shopping, taking the traditional intimate salon visit in a casual browsing, that had to be both elegant and straightforward. Credits and Infos Client: Harry Winston Agency: The Blast Machine […]

United We Act / Connected Communities

This research project encompasses a scoping study and a symposium on the topic of connected communities brought about by a team of creative researchers and social scientists from the ‘Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy’ (SiDE) research project. As researchers from SiDE’s Creative Media group and the Social Sciences Perspective we collaborated on a proposal […]

Dorkbot Paris

Dorkbot Paris was launched in January 2007 and is organised by several people from the worlds of art, research, design, science, cultural mediation, etc. Dorkbot was created in 2000 in New York by Douglas Repetto to gather local people in the most open way possible around creative projects: “people doing strange things with electricity”, without […]

6 milliards d’Autres

A project by Yann Arthus-Bertrand in collaboration with Sibylle d’Orgeval and Baptiste Rouget-Luchaire, 6 Billion Others presents interviews of 6,000 people, filmed in 84 countries, around the same questions about their dreams, their hardships, their hopes, their fears etc.. The website created by The Blast Machine reveals a selection of 300 of these portraits in […]

Festival de l’Eau 2010

From the 26th of December 2010 to the 2nd of January 2011, the Festival de l’eau went to Burkina-Faso and stopped in 3 villages : Léri, Walo and Ouessa. Set-up by the cultural organisation ‘Les Arts improvisés’ and run by Camel Zékri and Dominique Chevaucher, the Festival de l’eau proposes to bring traditional musicians and […]

Switch On, Switch Off

Switch On/ Switch Off is a creative workshop where participants learn the basic principles of interactivity by building simple electronic circuits. Thus, participants “hack” their bodies and their environment, turning them into switches that activate and deactivate simple electronic circuits. The workshop was created and is facilitated by two artists and designers who do not […]


Passages is a public space installation that aims to connect intimately people in different cities. This installation presents the random passer-by with a moving and transiting experience where he/she has to engage the entire body to uncover the possibilities of a relationship with a stranger. A video documentation (see link below) presents the project as […]

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In French, a “travelling” describes a cinema technique that is translated in English as a “trackshot”. In English, “travelling” refers to the act of travel that is translated in French as “voyageant/en voyage”. Mixing the two meanings, this interactive piece offers as a cinema travelling, a voyage between the architectures of Berlin and Tel-Aviv. The […]

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