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Artist’s Talk at ISEA 2016

I’m presenting my DDes research at the ISEA conference in Hong Kong on Friday, the 20th of May, at 4.30pm. My talk “Living in the Material World” will be presented in the conference session “Digital Identities, Surveillance and Cyberactivism”. While I wouldn’t have placed my talk under the umbrella of such topic, I love that […]

CrossFab workshop at CHI2016

I took part in a very insightful workshop at CHI 2016 on digital fabrication, perspectives came from different backgrounds and research practices. Generally, it was nice to be back at CHI, catching up with old friends, and making new ones.

Poster at the Symposium on Computation Fabrication

I’m presenting the poster “Embodied Fabrication: Controlling machines with personal data” at the Symposium on Computation Fabrication, 19th-20th of April 2016, Stata Center, MIT.

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Immigration: a chance

Immigration should have a positive connotation. Yet, it’s used in the worst possible rhetoric. I’ve always seen immigration as a mitzva opportunity for the welcoming country. This is why I started this petition. I hope it contributes somehow to get political leaders to embrace immigration rather than using it as a perpetual scapegoat. Please sign […]

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Video of my latest talk!

I gave a talk a couple of weeks ago on my research on interactive fabrication. I was kindly invited by the Boston Tech Poetics group and it was very warmly hosted by Spotify in their Somerville, MA offices. The video of the talk is now online! About the talk: “I look at personal data and […]

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I created a survey on fabrication, interactivity and your love of machines! Please contribute to my research by filling out the survey. It takes 12 minutes on average and you can enter a draw to win a prize! The survey will be accessible for another 10 days. Thank you!

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YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015

Twipology is among the 25 winners of the YouFab Global Creative Awards! “YouFab is a global creative competition that seeks and celebrates excellence in digital fabrication such as the 3D printer and CNC.”

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Exhibition “Data Body As Artifact” and Japan Tour

My work in collaboration with Ianis Lallemand ‘Floor Machine’ is exhibited at the Fukuoka City Museum and curated by MARart as part of the ISMAR 2015 conference. It will be on display from Oct. 29th (opening at 7PM) till Oct. 3rd (museum hours). As well, I will be giving several talks and presentations in the […]

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Data Across Scales: the videos

The videos of the conference I co-organized last April at Harvard GSD are now online! See the 6-parts video of the full conference day on the Harvard GSD YouTube channel.

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Self Fabrication: a course

Last January, I co-organised with Kevin Hinz a J-term course called “Quantified Self & Fabrication” in order to assess ways we can use human-centered data as parameters for fabrication. The students who participated gave us great feedback and thoroughly enjoyed the class! For a complete review of the course and the lessons learned, see the […]

Data Across Scales

I’m co-organising a conference at Harvard GSD, April 17 2015. The topic looks at data across a range of fields: data-driven design, fabrication processes, urban studies, civic media and more. For more info and to register (it’s free): With the rapid increase of information technologies in our personal and professional lives, we produce, share, […]

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How to Make (Almost) Anything

I’m happy to be among the students of Neil Gershenfeld’s class at MIT Media Lab this semester. We’re in Week 6 of the class. If you want to follow my progress, tune in on my step-by-step blog.

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A new look

A new website, a new look, everything changed and it’s still a work in progress. If you have any comments or feedback, please let me know…

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Weather Desktop Project

The ‘Weather Desktop Project’ was created at the invitation of Copie Copains Club, a collective inviting artists to copy other artists. My proposal is a very localized variation on the ‘Weather Project‘ by Olafur Eliasson. What if you could stare at the sun from your computer? I’m spending more time with my computer than with […]

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Upstairs is an interactive sound installation that spread ghostly snippets of classic film dialogues in the staircase of an old cinema. It was commissioned by the Pixel Palace / Step Sequence art programme at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. As cinema visitors walked up and down the staircase, they triggered surprising and unexpected narratives. […]

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“Abstract” is an interactive installation on the theme of waiting and the perception of the time passing-by: inviting visitors in a space where the body and its movement play the role of interfaces. From a point of view on the Japanese garden and its vision on the surrounding, aesthetic and philosophical world, this project is […]

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100 essais

“100 essais” is an interactive installation set in a public space, on the themes of collection and of accumulation. Inspired by an essay published in 1976 on “A hundred things Japanese“, this installation invites participants to discover 100 “video objects” scattered around in the city. Participants thus progressively reconstruct a fragmented narrative, a collective abstract […]

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Twipology is a garden generated from Twitter conversations using the hashtags whatever, system, control, radical, surface, cigarette, pink, raw, passage, abstract, kindergarten, superficial. Visitors are welcome to walk, sit, dance, rest, contemplate, spend hours or days in the space. Twipology is a comment on the uses of personal data for narrated digital fabrication. Collaborators & […]

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White Square Of

“White Square Of”is a pop-up exhibition of 50 objects, printed with a MakerBot over a week. The objects were all selected based on specific criteria: – availability on – familiarity with our daily life – usefulness Some examples include a funnel, a clothes clip, a camera lens cap, a phone case, a curtain hook, […]

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